Crying Doesn’t Mean I’m Weak!

You those moments when you just collapse in a heap & cry, cry and cry – it feels horrible doesn’t it and if you are like me, you probably feel weak! But only recently did I learn that crying is good for me.

 Let me explain why;

By releasing my feelings of sadness and even frustration I am releasing my pain, my stress and all my most inward thoughts. It’s actually bringing me forward as before when I was holding all the energy within me – I was being held back – it was filling me with pain causing my illnesses to flare and challenge me. I’m no longer embarrassed to cry and if people tell me to stop being weak , I know that my moment or moments in tears are my releases and they are strengthening me even more for the future.

Let me tell you why;

  • Crying makes me stop and understand what’s truly hurting me.  By realising the sadness, fear, anxiety, frustration, etc I am letting go of all that I don’t require being bottled up inside me. Refusing or holding  my tears in means hiding my feelings in a way and thus I am failing to release my negative emotions that are hurting my mental and physical wellness. Crying does not mean that i can’t handle my life, as I once thought. It shows  that I have a deeper connection to  handling my life and all of its challenges. Because I am more likely to cry and free my emotions, I can better regain hold on my experiences and my true responses to each of lifes situations, whether they’re positive or painful and by being able to hold my ground with these life experiences in this way through crying, i know that I am letting my body get rid of negative energy and making room for rejuvenating freshness of breath and life.
  •  I  don’t care how others see me, when i cry because it’s basically me being open and vulnerable. It’s brave to show our most emotional side to other people, without stopping to care about what they might think. Crying without worrying what others think of me means that i’m putting a stop to the negative messages that float around within my head and allows me to see that showing emotions means that I am human.
  • I know now that, the people most closest to me, benefit from seeing me in such a vulnerable state. It also shows me, which people don’t really have a place in my life and as a result, I find myself  surrounded only by the people who help me grow in strength and wisdom along life’s journey .
  • I’m very aware that when I cry I allow myself to release feelings that have made me angry, sad and basically less able of controlling my emotions. I know if I keep my feelings in for too long, I will end up having a major emotional explosion at some point and that’s no good for me or the person or people that may end up being lashed out on. 
  • I believe feeling comfortable with myself being able to cry, I can demonstrate that it’s completely okay to display our own vulnerability for others to see and they learn from that. You see, I used to believe because I cry, it was a sign of weakness but I now know that by crying I am actually being strong and honest because I am showing my feelings and emotions whether they be happy, sad, joyful or angry.

So next time you are feeling emotional, know that it is a healthy emotional expression that can and will show your friends and perhaps their friends, that when you are willing to cry then you are indirectly improving life as a result!         

If you resonate or agree with my thoughts on crying out loud to release thoughts and feelings, please let me know through feedback here or of course across on one of my social media channels. 

Till next time

Much love