Boob Health It’s Important Too!!!

My boobs have been beginning to hurt all the time. Could there be something wrong? I ask myself that question and I know you probably do as well. But as a barefoot goddess wandering the globe with multiple different chronic health conditions I don’t want to be consuming myself with more health worries. So I decided to look into more detail the importance of breast health awareness. It really shocked me that so many women globally don’t take their boob health serious.

I have learnt that between 60 – 70% of women have breast pain, called mastalgia, at some point in their lives. There  are many reasons that this pain may begin. One of the most common reasons is “normal” hormonal changes that occur when many women, experience aches and stabs which are the results of normal, healthy hormone fluctuations related to their menstrual cycles. This type of  pain is most common during that period of a woman’s cycle just before she menstruates, when hormones like estrogen and progesterone peak. Other reasons of breast pain happens more often after 30 and 40 years of age and can feel like swelling or tenderness in both breasts or a sharp burning sensation in one spot, perhaps over the nipple or nipples. Relieving it sometimes becomes more trial and error of circumstance. 
So if you are still reading, you probably already knew everything that I have said. But why do our hormones go haywire, why do our breasts feel beat up? I still am working on these answers, but I do know rising estrogen levels stimulate the breasts, while spiking progesterone does the same to a woman’s breast glands. Both these instances can result in swelling and pain. Progesterone also causes fluid retention, which can lead to a feeling of heaviness or tenderness. Pain can also be caused by a common type of inflammation, called costochondritus, which affects the place where a woman’s ribs and sternum come together. Even an unsupportive bra can allow our breasts to pull on the chest wall, leading to overwhelming pain. Of course there are less common or unproven causes of breast pain, from infection to caffeine consumption. So how can you determine whether to worry or brush it off? If the pain is concentrated in one part of your breast and doesn’t subside after a few weeks, see someone. 

I have learnt this across all of my healthcare and chronic illness wanderings – there is no golden rule when it comes to identifying specific types of breast pain, BUT if it worries you or seems out of the ordinary, see a doctor.
So I did, see my doctor and some most important signs were found and now it’s off to make sure my breast care remains healthy. As women we take care of our reproductive system with regular checkups, it’s about time we also start doing this with regard to our boob health.

I have decided to incorporate some very important #boobhealthawareness into my already mission focused work with chronic illnesses. 

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