Putting myself out there….💋

Guess what, 

I am now brave enough to put myself out there,and I know not everyone is going to believe in me and not everyone will support me. But, I know that if I stay strong and confident enough to look beyond all of my challenges that I face within health and life and keep pushing ahead with the fierce determination to stand up and make a difference, to actually do something epic in this world then that is when I will make the magic happen. I am not going to stop when i feel like no one notices or cares because I know care very much about my message , passion and purpose. I know there are people out there watching me , that need me to keep going for myself and for them. 

If you resonate with this, let me know and let’s all continue to be brave, fearless and strong for what and who we believe in. 


Even in darkness you can realign yourself & your passion…..

I must say when you align yourself with your true self, passion & purpose, energy brings you opportunities and people that light you up! And with that I shout out to the like minded souls who inspire & motivate me to breakthrough the darkness of invisible illness and to whom that have allowed me to awaken and make so much more positive noise on living and loving life. So if you find yourself blocked, resisting or held back take the time to stop, reset, recharge linking in with people that breathe the same air. 💋