Looking After Your Outer World, Also Looks After The Inner World….


When we begin to truly take care of ourselves inside & out, we remember that our outer world really does follow our inner world. 

It is why we also need to take extra care to make sure that we are looking after ourselves in total, especially if we are in the process of healing chronic illnesses.

But What Is Our Outer World; Well simply put, our outer world is that mad rush of people, places, tasks and deadlines which can lead to conflict and stressful situations where we politely BUT mostly aggressively or angrily navigate and deal with daily.

So, Our Inner World Must Be That Mirrored Reflection That We See & Be Outwardly; Yes, our inner world is exactly our way of being and our look on the outside world and it determines how we react or respond to situations and thus operates our experiences in and of the world.  

We need to stop and take time to think of our inner world, our thoughts, our attitude, our varied and various emotions that drive our ways of interacting with others and the environment itself.

Let us , stop right now and concentrate on both our inner and outer world by simply concentrating on the sound of our breath…this is one of the simplest activities that we can do daily for 10 seconds at a time across the day.

Perhaps you may like to try and let me know how you go either by here or on one of my social media channels;




Selflove blessings to all

The Barefoot Goddess 💋
“Wandering Towards Wellness, Globally”

Murky Water, Clear Skies, Journal Entries & Getting The Fuck Up To Bloom Like A Lotus Flower….It Is Me!

As I close down for the evening, the quote 

“It’s in the murkiest waters we patiently await arrival of the lotus”

explains and defines my journey with life, health and again to life as it is supposed to be, because you see there was a time where the path was murky, dim, gloomy & oh so hard to see clearly through to the next day, everyday and any day!

The waves have been rough to beat and there were moments when the darkness and strength broke me, but……it was at that moment of being broken that the words being visualised from a online mentor came through in dreams something like this;

“Get The FUCK Up & Make That Vision Happen”.

Shit, after all those years as a entrepreneur wanna be, a woman struggling to stay alive with chronic illness and disease, I was receiving the key of life…..if you like, a seed of a beautiful flower had been placed into my loins. Those words in visual dreams have stayed with me and over and over that attitude has kept me pushing towards the vision, my vision!

With further patience, I  am allowing myself to keep wading through the murky water and to my surprise that water it is becoming clearer and to the surface I am like a beautiful lotus beginning to bloom. Its roots , my roots have been deep in muddy water, for a long time , such a long time but just as  the lotus flower, rises, I too am rising from the dark gloomy mud to bloom in the sunshine.  I am clean, fragrant and pure!

My next steps, are important ones, but I am ready! The world is ready! I have just again grasped the world in my hands and I am ready to play BIG and I want the other chronic illness goddesses like me to want to play big too?

So, my message to you that is reading this – if you are stuck deep in the mud, stay patient, keep your faith – follow mentors, online, in real life, write your vision down , pray on it , visualise it, manifest it and when questions get asked and those questions are opened through dreams , you are being given that key or  perhaps that seed – it’s time to stand up, it’s your time to rise from the mud like me!


But for now let me turn down the lights, sit in silence using my breath and rest, so that we can again wander towards wellness tomorrow.

Blessings From My Journal

The Blessed Goddess




Wandering Towards Wellness, Globally