International Women’s Day ðŸ’‹

Tonight I wanted to give thanks to all the women that have inspired & motivated me, not to give up on life when I could of easily done so!
Life gets hard but when you can connect and learn from so many women across the globe – it fills me with energy that can’t be explained! 
To you, out there if I have connected with you, it’s because you have a substance about you that filled me up when I was empty!
It’s because of the women of this world like you, that makes me know that my little feet can last the distance and not only that, but actually make an impact in this world.
I’ve felt empty, I’ve felt defeated and I’ve felt like I could never go on , but each one of you that I’ve ever connected with have touched me and impacted on how I breathe! You have allowed my weakness become a strength and now even in the most vulnerable moments you have allowed me to find a fierce determination.
As one of my favourite songs say, “I am woman, I am invincible…” and so are you!