The Power Of My Breath….

Did you know that breathing is one of our internal behaviors that we can bring under control consciously.  Tonight as I put myself into my mindful space through journaling, I begin to remind myself of what a powerful tool I have, when I just remember to listen to every beat of my breath. 
These moments through journaling are coming more regularly and as I commit totally to being able to heal my health complexities, I find myself returning to the mindful space that allowed me to know that healing was achievable. Pranayama is the regulation of the breath through technique and exercise, it is taught very early on within yoga training. But this breathing technique can be also brought into the daily practice of healing and life. This technique has been known for eternity as a breathing mechanism for relieving people’s anxiety and overwhelm in order to free the body of a blockage so that a natural healthy body function can continue. When I can allow myself to consciously breathe, i can create an environment within my own mind and body that increases or decreases energy. In otherwise I can activate or remove a stress response which can then activate or reenergise my relaxation response making healing real.

Learning yoga has taught me some very important conscious breathing practices, as a way to increase my mindful awareness. When I can alter my mindful awareness space i can create more powerfully and positive behaviors and healthy habits. I had forgotten this for some many months when, my reality fell so deep into darkness. But as I began receiving medical assistance, I soon began to step through into a mindfully activated shift. You see, I was reminded that for healing and forward steps to be taken, I needed my breath to be in the moment of now.  I was able to again see that I am unable to breathe when I am looking into the past, as well, I cannot breathe when I look into the future. So my attention to the reality of the present moment became my focus and as a result my breath, has calmed allowing my mind and body to find harmony and a path towards wellness.

So to heal and find my presence in the present world, this is the key. But how am I supposed to be breathing! Do I follow the breathing exercise of pranayama or do I keep wandering in search of perhaps one of the many other techniques of finding my breath and hearing my breath. I cannot answer that question fully, but I do know that if I allow my breathing to remain deliberate, constant and observed I will be able to continue to create a 100 percent healthy habit of the now awareness, beginning a strong daily practice of mindfulness for life in the whole. Finding the power of my breath is allowing me to wander towards wellness enjoying the feel and sound of my body breathing and that keeps me grounded to my ever present now for the vision of tomorrow. 
Have you found the power of your breath? If so, what techniques do you use?

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To you all, breathing in calms your body, breathing out allows you to smile. Letting you dwell in the present moment, where you know that where you are is a most wonderful moment.


Lisa-Raie 💋

“Wandering Towards Wellness, Globally”