Life according to me, in thought and action……

Living life according to me in thoughts and actions looks and feels something like this;

  • I try to keep everything simple, but when I want to achieve something, I do it with all my heart! That sometimes, goes awry.
  • I am a over-thinker. Letting the truth, be told I have 100s of imaginary scenario playing in my head  at any one time….sometimes this makes situations more difficult than it should be but well this is how I am and it’s how I make the magic happen.
  • Health and life issues will always challenge me, as I aren’t someone who keep things to themselves anymore. I used to hold it all inside until I became toxic to anyone or anything, now I will confront the challenges head on, till I am facing back in the right direction. I am real and raw and that’s not always easy, but it’s the difficult times that push me back through to better days. Although I know life can’t be perfect, it’s the want of perfection that makes think a lot which at times causes the challenges that mess up particular situations.
  • I am one of the best listeners. I can listen to others stories all day, everyday and I  will listen to every story with keen interest even if it’s about something I don’t understand. I know the importance of listening and I want others to reciprocate that.

So this is me and this is how I wander the shores of the globe preaching and teaching about my experiences and beliefs. It may not be normal, but what is normal anyway!

Much love

Harmoni 💋

Why I’ve changed my name…..and begun a new life. 💋

A lot of people are asking me – why have you changed your name from “Lisa Raie” to “Harmoni Shakti”?

  Well, let me explain;

Changing my name so dramatically isn’t something many do, so it is probably why so many people are asking me why???  I could keep answering the questions as they come, but I thought it would be good and insightful to tell the story of why I changed it, what the process is like and what Ive learned from it.

Why I did I change my name  –  Well, firstly let me say changing my name is not an easy process and I’ve had to take lots of things into account, still am. But one main reason of why I did it – was my stepping outside of the abuse that I had long endured as a child AND changing the name was the final key that allowed me to step into my truest self, the healing I’ve needed to live the life I love .  My old name gave me too many bad memories! That  person, that me with the old name continually felt squashed with anxiety and illness. Being called the old name I felt like I was always being spat on or as a lesser woman and I could not truly wander towards healing and wellness as I wanted.

Having these thoughts continually spiking my every breath, became monotonous on physical, emotional and mental health. All I ever tried to do was to fit in at school and life, the last thing I expected was that I had to basically wrestle with my father  over how I was expected to be. I was expected to be that “Little Lisa” – seen and not heard! 
Of course – living a life like that was intolerable! I wanted to be free, I wanted the best but I didn’t like being told that I was not good enough, or no you can’t do that – that’s not professional enough! As I was releasing the abuse that came from this childhood, I knew I wanted to change my name. I knew I wanted to choose a unique name that almost nobody else in the world had. I also knew that I wanted my name to flow with the spirit of the soul that I was awakening too.

And so with my new name chosen, which I must tell you,  I think it is pretty cool, but it’s also fiercely freeing and cathartic as I continue to release the many things that have ever held me back. It has also begun a true continuation of the healing journey back to optimum wellness that I have been attempting for over ten years. All of this, also is in a sense, me being in control of a life after seemingly having no control for many many  years!  

Going back to the decision, I knew changing my name was also the right thing to do, as I had never been very tied to the name and I think it was because of the abuse that I had endured.  As a teenager, was the first occasion I began to outgrow my given name. I don’t place a lot of importance on the still living people from my family,  because simply we don’t have anything in common and I don’t want to be  abused anymore. I am now me, with a new name with the truthful self now able to stand in the everyday status of the world helping myself but also helping others. I also think, in my case, the ties with my narcissistic father choosing my name was another reason that the change had to be made.  I know that most of my family members and friends who now know I’ve changed my name are not upset, although they can’t understand why Ive done it and maybe they never will! I have no contact with my abusive father but I do know, he would think my decision was stupid and probably as a matter of revenge. 

So begins the process of changing my name, it legally is very tough.  The legal process now, is about the convenience of having my preferred name match my legal name and an exciting new chapter in my life. It has brought up some tough feelings towards particularly my father and how I feel about my childhood. It also brings up memories of a mother now not living , but I know she would of supported this decision.  I kind of expected these feelings, that come and go and by formally following the name changing  process, I can continue to get some deep issues out in the open as a result of my name change and truly heal physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Choosing my new name is a weird process. Basically, I could choose anything I wanted to, so long as it is deemed appropriate by the Registry of Births, Deaths and Marriages. There is a lot of paperwork as I said before to get my name changed legally, and I am still deciding between two name variations: “Harmoni Shakti” and “Harmoni Raie Shakti”. The name has to be accepted as appropriate. I also have to specify a reason for changing it in more detail than simply “personal” or “professional reasons.” This is why I am now using my new name already. I am hoping my reason for change, that it is confusing for my legal name to not match my professional name.

Changing my name has made me think a lot more about the importance of what our names mean to us in every way. I mean, have you ever thought about your name and how you use it throughout your life, how you associate your name with your personality. It really is interesting to ponder, just how much our names affect our lives. For those that see my name change as offensive, especially towards my family or just unnecessary, I hope I have given some insight and clearance but I will not get upset by your thoughts or actions as it is my decision and in the end it’s my life that I am living.

 Changing my name has made me feel good in terms of bucking the status quo and questioning things that I have taken for granted for years and years and the confidence it has also given me, is beyond clear that this  is the right decision. Here is the thing, that I’ve noticed since changing my name, when I’m having a bad day and I look in the mirror, the first thing that pops into my head is my birth name. I don’t know why – BUT then I will repeat to my reflection; “Good Bye old soul – I’m the new, improved me with the new, improved name – stand proud and shine.” Do you know what happens, I shine. Those bad days are becoming less and less as my confidence and the healing process becomes more dominant. My old self with the old name was never in control. But being the new woman with the new name, i can be my fiercely independent self that I’ve always wanted and thus healing and important life decisions can be made lived and loved.

So moving on with a life to love,  I feel like my new name represents me better as who I am now. I am Harmoni, the barefoot goddess shining a light using yoga and meditation to raise awareness and guidance for healing and loving life.

Much love 

Harmoni (AKA The Barefoot Goddess) 💋

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24 Hours, Words & FREEDOM!

Been listening to quite a bit of #GeorgeMichael in this last 24 hours as a lot of us probably have. The words from ‘Freedom’ have resonated more than ever for how I wandered life thanks to a narcissistic parent, so much that I’ve penned some ramblings with the help of George’s lyrics;

I won’t let you down dad,

I will not give your vision up.

I won’t let you down,

So please don’t give me up,

Because I would love you to stick around.

BUT abuse, it kills, it wipes out hope!

Your vision it was not real & as just a little girl, it made me even more unsure of what I wanted to be. Teenage years struck & I could flee and it was so easy to become an angel wrapped in devils wings, so hungry for my own  pride and joy, and I guess it was enough for me at that time! I was gonna show you dad – I was going to win the race! I would be the prettier face. But, soon I found adulthood & that was not gonna be the way I was going to play the game of life! No way, No Way,NO WAY!

I decided I was gonna get myself happy.

I think there’s something you should know dad

I think it’s time I told you so…..

There’s something deep inside of me – something better than YOU!

There’s someone else I’ve got to be……AND it’s ME!

When I am me, I don’t let anyone down- the vision is real, my life is real! 

That picture of you, it’s been missing for years because with it gone I am back singing in the shower and dancing in the rain. I know you won’t understand BUT sometimes your clothes don’t make my life!

All I have to do, now,in my life , is take the lies that you made me live and make them true!!!

All this life needs to see

Is that I don’t belong to you,

And you don’t belong to me.

Freedom, Freedom, Freedom!

I won the race.

I got outta your narcissistic place.

I found my home AND finally I’ve got a brand new face that you’ll never see except if you see this on the TV!

Today, the way I play the game has changed.

Oh, yeah.

Now EVERYDAY , I am gonna let myself be happy.

For me and not for YOU, and that’s something you should know!

I think it’s time I stopped your show – I have and I won’t be back again. I have the POWER, not YOU!!

Well it looks like my road to heaven, is set in sunshine not like the road to hell that you gave me for more than half my life!

You nearly made me take a knife and my life!

There will be no more posing for pictures, It’s time to shake my ass and that’s something you will notice very fast, but hey some mistakes were built to last. That’s what you get, but I’ll hold on to them but I will also hold my freedom, freedom, FREEDOM!

May not be what you want from me but that’s the way it’s got to be. I’ve got to live and by live I mean to be free, not bow and curtsy to your every whim…..

Freedom, freedom, FREEDOM life is mine, NOT yours!
George Michael, you’ve gone but you’ve left a legacy for us all! You’ve given us faith and freedom and so much more!
Freedom, it’s here for us all!

Lisa-Raie 👣
“Wandering Towards Wellness, Globally”

The Mindset Is Everything – Find Your WHY & Live Your WHY….💋💋💋💋

I have had my biggest #mindset breakthrough tonight thanks to my treasured secret friend called my journal! 
This is it;

I lost hope late last year & I disappeared down the rabbit hole of life – nearly taking my own life. Thank goodness for one of my brilliant doctors who found the untapped reason for my health lapse. It was the hope that I needed – it was the light being switched back on to the real me, my real message for this world and now I am back because I only walk and talk my WHY and because of that I will always have the ability to inspire those that need inspiring and if they don’t I will find others that do!  
Much Love 

Lisa-Raie 💋

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You Don’t Need To Be Perfect To Make A Difference 🙏🏻

Sitting here writing for myself and for this world that I live in I realise that, I’m not a perfect person, I make a lot of mistakes but still, I love those people who stay with me after knowing how I really am. And this my friends is why despite my limitations and challenges, I will succeed in making such a difference to the way this world treats and sees #chronicillness. Because I am a barefoot goddess and a survivor.

This is life and it’s about walking together NOT about tearing each other apart. 💋