Looking After Your Outer World, Also Looks After The Inner World….

When we begin to truly take care of ourselves inside & out, we remember that our outer world really does follow our inner world. 

It is why we also need to take extra care to make sure that we are looking after ourselves in total, especially if we are in the process of healing chronic illnesses.

But What Is Our Outer World; Well simply put, our outer world is that mad rush of people, places, tasks and deadlines which can lead to conflict and stressful situations where we politely BUT mostly aggressively or angrily navigate and deal with daily.

So, Our Inner World Must Be That Mirrored Reflection That We See & Be Outwardly; Yes, our inner world is exactly our way of being and our look on the outside world and it determines how we react or respond to situations and thus operates our experiences in and of the world.  

We need to stop and take time to think of our inner world, our thoughts, our attitude, our varied and various emotions that drive our ways of interacting with others and the environment itself.

Let us , stop right now and concentrate on both our inner and outer world by simply concentrating on the sound of our breath…this is one of the simplest activities that we can do daily for 10 seconds at a time across the day.

Perhaps you may like to try and let me know how you go either by here or on one of my social media channels;




Selflove blessings to all

The Barefoot Goddess 💋
“Wandering Towards Wellness, Globally”

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