What is NeuroPhysio….Treatment Is Available. 

Since I’ve been posting about beginning my rehab sessions-I’ve lost count at how many people have messaged me to ask what is this “NeuroPhysio” that you are doing!

Let me explain;

Neurological physiotherapy is a treatment for people who have neurological impairments. It is an exciting area of rehabilitation that merges key discoveries in neuroscience, exercise and movement science. People, just like me with neurological or neuromuscular disorders can present with a number of difficulties with movement issues or challenges that can influence balance, walking, arm & hand function, posture and pain. This form of treatment can help people with dizziness and balance disorders, and those people at risk of falls and I am one of this group of people that this form of rehabilitation is helping. 

This treatment brings in the evolution of Dr. Norman Doidge who introduced neuroplasticity to the world, through his book ‘The Brain That Changes Itself’ a number of years ago. His idea was that our brains are not as rigidly hardwired as once believed, and with therapy, they can change by being rewired. I read this book sceptically positive about this doctors ideas but indeed what i am finding in my own rehab is that the brain can heal, it can change and it can rewire and be triggered to find new circuits and paths through mental and physical activity. Indeed our brains can “…form, unform, and reform in new ways”. 

Beginning NeuroPhysio sessions, I’ve stepped into rehabilitation with positivity  that it will assist me to regain control over areas of my body that have become blocked from functioning normal in my daily life. What I’ve found is that the exercises and techniques that I am having to learn or perhaps relearn are at times exceptionally frustrating. They are exercises, set on teaching the particular parts of the body which have become blocked in their normal functioning behaviours. My particular areas are teaching the right side of my body to again function. The areas worked on are my right leg and foot, which presently due to paralysis are frozen and walking is strained, thus I am needing to use a four wheeler walker to assist with balance and gait structure. My right arm and hand is also worked on, helping to trigger messages to my muscles so that I can again do such things as brush my hair, butter bread, etc. But, I have this inbuilt strength that tells me after being ill for so long that I can’t give up! I’ve managed to come a long way in such a short time and although, the day after each session and if I’ve had a exceptionally full rehab session it may be two days where all my body can do is rest, all it can do is sleep and recover. But, I won’t stop because I know that I can trigger my brain to rework its processes of messaging my body. I will recover,perhaps not in the way that I would like , but these therapies will allow me to put in place new pathways to live the life I love.

I hope, I’ve deciphered the mysteries of ‘NeuroPhysio’ .

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Can’t SLEEP-Come & Meditate With Me….🙏🏻

Ok – I am in my pjs and as normal night falls and sleep becomes non existent- what I have found is that even though I can’t get deep sleep , I can meditate and bring calmness, it’s my solution at this time. 

If you would like to try this meditation activity with me or at some stage and then let me know whether you would like me to do a Facebook LIVE meditation session together on my blog page.

Here we go, let’s begin;
1. Find a comfortable space and a seated position and if possible set your phone or timer for 3 – 5 minutes.

2. Inhale fully to the count of 4, hold that breath, again to the count of 4 and then exhale fully to the count of 4. 

Repeat 3 – 5 times.
3. Bring your breath to its most natural state, focusing on the inhale and exhale for the remaining time thatbyou selected on your timer.
This helps me clear any emotional and mental blockages particularly through the middle of the night when sleep is a issue. 

I would love to hear your experience, if you tried the activity and if you want me to do a Facebook LIVE meditation, please also let me know. 

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Life is all about breathing, so let’s find our breath and use it to truly breathe! 
Namaste 🙏🏻
“Wandering Towards Wellness, Globally”

The Mindset Is Everything – Find Your WHY & Live Your WHY….💋💋💋💋

I have had my biggest #mindset breakthrough tonight thanks to my treasured secret friend called my journal! 
This is it;

I lost hope late last year & I disappeared down the rabbit hole of life – nearly taking my own life. Thank goodness for one of my brilliant doctors who found the untapped reason for my health lapse. It was the hope that I needed – it was the light being switched back on to the real me, my real message for this world and now I am back because I only walk and talk my WHY and because of that I will always have the ability to inspire those that need inspiring and if they don’t I will find others that do!  
Much Love 

Lisa-Raie 💋

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Mumma, Just Chill Ya Undies…….

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about the what if’s!!!  You know the stuff  – work, family, health and life !  How awesome would it be if we could just space it all out so we never had to think anout more than one thing at a time! Ahhhh yes – what if!!!! But we all know the truth, that life gets hectic and there’s so much to get done or to think about that we regularly feel like our brains are going to explode. Thinking about the what ifs  in life , end up making our ‘To Do Lists’ seem even longer and more stressful – so what’s the alternative? What if we found a way to include more  mindfulness in our lives and as my son says ” mumma, just chill ya undies”!  Chilling out and relaxing is something, we in this modern world have forgotten and it’s causing more chronic health issues around the globe.

We Need To Learn To Breathe…..

How many times have you promised yourself that you will  ‘make more time’ for you – be honest, I know that you probably do this all the time – HELL, that was me too!!  But, I’ve learnt that making time for myself is so very important. But sometimes it can be seriously really hard to find time for a even a small break so how could I stop for something like a meditation session even though i know it would help. During busy or stressful situations I’ve had to learn to simply use something i’m already doing, and that is breathing. What ever I am doing, I am still breathing throughout, so I thought I might as well make the most of using that most important action in a better way. When I am noticing that I am feeling tired or perhaps anxious, stressed or that I am not paying attention to what’s happening  in life because I am overthinking – I now begin to deepen my breath rate for a short while. This doesn’t  impact me in any way of what I maybe doing ; in fact by becoming more present and mindful through focusing on what my breath is doing, I can begin to lower my anxiety and stress levels so the head clutter and overthinking calms and I can be more productive and proactive across my day.

If You Forget – Write It Down……

I can tell you that keeping all of my TO DO list consistently enabled in my head is highly stressful.  I was always worrying whether I was  forgetting anything – to a point that my thoughts and actions becoming highly anxiety ridden affecting sleep  and my relationships with family, friends and colleagues. Something had to give. I had to unclutter my mind, so beginning the process of writing things down began. Simply from filling my mind with clutter, I learnt how overloaded stress can take its toll. It left me feeling angry, irritable, tearful and depressed.  Since writing things down or adding alarms into my mobile phone I have transformed my day.

Self Love & Compassion…..

Since becoming more responsive to my self care and love needs, it has assisted me greatly to be able to feel worthy, loved and safe in the crazy modern day world in which we live.  Everyday I now know that I can calm myself through a number of different ways, whether it be by getting myself a warm green tea, or just stopping to tell myself how hard it is in life at a particular time through either inwardly or outloud self talk. Simply by giving ourselves random acts of kindness and compassion on any  given day life can be wandered just as we want. 

My life and those words muttered by my youngest son – ” mumma, just chill ya undies” is my everyday reminder how important I am for my life, but oh so important for my loved  ones lives. If I continue to stay highly anxious and stressed doesn’t allow healing to take place and a life that I want to live. Stay mindful , present and consistent everyday and see how it changes your experiences within life.

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Lisa-Raie 💋
“Wandering Towards Wellness, Globally”

The Tingles In My Toes & That Burning In My Feet….

Oh wowzers- it was one of those nights! Yes the type of night, when tingles in my toes, feeling like the nerves in my feet were burning and then of course the leg twitches begin giving an extra amount of shooting pain. You see, this happens when my nervous system goes into major short circuit warfare. It’s occurance because I am one of many across the globe living with neuropathy. Neuropathy is nerve damage or some kind of internal disruption. That’s the simple definition BUT what’s not simple about neuropathy is the cure – THERE ISN’T ONE !

If you are a person who isn’t affected by this hideous condition then you will have absolutely no idea about what life is like, living an average day or night. So let me try and explain. Most people have little or any knowledge of how their nerves work and how vital they are to daily life anyway and so when the nervous system breakdowns they find it impossible to understand. I as a neuropathy sufferer have faced the difficult task of explaining my weird symptoms to doctors, friends and family for a long time. The description of my pain as spoken about at the beginning of this blog, has left me feeling frustrated and not taken seriously on many occasions. But what is happening is damage to the nerves itself and particularly the lining that protects the nerve. What is occurring to neuropathy sufferers like me, are a number of confusing, functional breakdowns which send out wrong signals, or no signals at all. It really can be compared to a short circuit in a domestic electrical system but the resulting feelings and sensations are pretty unique to the condition and every sufferer. It’s important to remember that neuropathy affects all sorts of people from all areas of society across the globe. Just as their are many people like me that suffer with neuropathy, there are also over 100 causes and over 100 types of neuropathy, so pinning down exactly how someone feels with their condition really depends on where the nerve damage is happening and what part of your body is being affected. 

So, where will neuropathy strike and how do you recognise it? That is the biggest problem for all neuropathy sufferers! Generally speaking though, it’s in the feet first. The best way to explain this to you, is as I had it explained to me. Feet are at the end of the nerve pathways and the furthest away from the central nervous system. So perhaps logical that problems happen there first. The nerves there are part of the peripheral nerve system. This is peripheral neuropathy and what my diagnosis is. The nervous system consists of the spinal cord leading to the brain which makes up the central nervous system – all the nerves radiating out from there are peripheral nerves. Back to the feet, where the signals of neuropathy usually begin! Let me tell you, that this pain is never an overnight happening,  it can take years to develop before you even notice anything which is why it is so difficult to diagnose and treat. My neuropathy has lead to my walking gait being strangely affected usually by losing my footing or miss stepping. I feel as though I am doing the right thing in order to make my feet move in the right direction but they do something completely out of order else which usually leads to falling. This collection of actions are because the wrong signals are being sent out, through a communication breakdown between my brain and my feet. Not only do the feet feel odd and painful but my legs can feel like they are becoming weaker. Climbing stairs and the simple action of walking can feel like an fitness boot camp , as I constantly now trip over or stumble when I least expect it. I now use a 4 wheeler walker as assistance with balance and security when I walk. Because of the nerve damage in my feet now when I walk , I will clench my feet in order to get a better grip on the ground beneath me. Obviously this leads to loss of relaxation and then muscular cramping of the feet occurs. So yes, balance becomes a major issue when chronically affected by neuropathy and i often feel like I’m walking around like I am drunk. Feelings and sensations like what I experience in my feet, also affects my hands and arms. When these instances occur, i can lose control of my grip usually causing me to drop things. This is where, you cannot even imagine the effect this has on me or others effected. What happens is a total loss of trust and confidence in our own actions leaving you frightened and confused as to what is happening and that isn’t taking into account neuropathy pain!

The pain neuropathy brings – OMG, where do I start! The most difficult thing for friends and family  to understand is the pain neuropathy can bring. It’s like nothing else you’ve ever experienced. My introduction was just the tip of the iceberg. It can range from mild tingling or burning, to pain that can leave you crying in agony, especially at night (the reason I was up, writing this). It can feel as though the affected areas are on fire and burning sensations are perhaps the commonest after tingling. Tingling sounds innocent enough but it can be so severe that it’s extremely painful and then you long for the numbness that I initially began with. I often feel like what feels like electric shock symptoms. It’s little wonder that opiates are my only course of action but even they have their limitations, leading to increased doses and other debilitating symptoms occurring and of course addiction to those medications. So with all of those weird feelings and sensations, I need to be especially careful with hot water as to me it can feel cold or vice versa leading to cases of burning myself. The same goes for my urinary problems and digestive malfunction. It’s very difficult to relate these to nerve damage but they are also common symptoms of neuropathy. The nerves to blood vessels, intestines and bladder are damaged by this condition and give out faulty signals leading to abnormal behaviour in functions which most take for granted. What happens is that i feel bloated after eating only very small portions or I will have difficulty emptying my full bladder yet the brain tells me that my bladder is empty. This has left me permanently disabled and now needing to self catheterise daily. This sort of thing leads to infections and instances of diarrhoea and constipation.

So do you see why trying to explain this, unless you have experienced it, is so very difficult! If you don’t live with neuropathy, you just don’t understand what it’s like. But hopefully I have given you a better insight of what it’s really like to have neuropathy in your life. It’s a horrible condition because it’s unpredictability. Some people go for years with only mild discomforts with only a little tingling here and a little numbness there – while others like myself suffer dreadfully and need to be at times on the heaviest of opiate medications to control the symptoms. All i ask is that if you know anyone that has neuropathy, PLEASE offer sympathy and understanding because their lives are difficult. Chronic pain is a feature of this condition but the chronic pain of neuropathy is possibly one of the meanest of them all and not to be underestimated.

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Much love and kindness 

Lisa-Raie 💋
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The Power Of My Breath….

Did you know that breathing is one of our internal behaviors that we can bring under control consciously.  Tonight as I put myself into my mindful space through journaling, I begin to remind myself of what a powerful tool I have, when I just remember to listen to every beat of my breath. 
These moments through journaling are coming more regularly and as I commit totally to being able to heal my health complexities, I find myself returning to the mindful space that allowed me to know that healing was achievable. Pranayama is the regulation of the breath through technique and exercise, it is taught very early on within yoga training. But this breathing technique can be also brought into the daily practice of healing and life. This technique has been known for eternity as a breathing mechanism for relieving people’s anxiety and overwhelm in order to free the body of a blockage so that a natural healthy body function can continue. When I can allow myself to consciously breathe, i can create an environment within my own mind and body that increases or decreases energy. In otherwise I can activate or remove a stress response which can then activate or reenergise my relaxation response making healing real.

Learning yoga has taught me some very important conscious breathing practices, as a way to increase my mindful awareness. When I can alter my mindful awareness space i can create more powerfully and positive behaviors and healthy habits. I had forgotten this for some many months when, my reality fell so deep into darkness. But as I began receiving medical assistance, I soon began to step through into a mindfully activated shift. You see, I was reminded that for healing and forward steps to be taken, I needed my breath to be in the moment of now.  I was able to again see that I am unable to breathe when I am looking into the past, as well, I cannot breathe when I look into the future. So my attention to the reality of the present moment became my focus and as a result my breath, has calmed allowing my mind and body to find harmony and a path towards wellness.

So to heal and find my presence in the present world, this is the key. But how am I supposed to be breathing! Do I follow the breathing exercise of pranayama or do I keep wandering in search of perhaps one of the many other techniques of finding my breath and hearing my breath. I cannot answer that question fully, but I do know that if I allow my breathing to remain deliberate, constant and observed I will be able to continue to create a 100 percent healthy habit of the now awareness, beginning a strong daily practice of mindfulness for life in the whole. Finding the power of my breath is allowing me to wander towards wellness enjoying the feel and sound of my body breathing and that keeps me grounded to my ever present now for the vision of tomorrow. 
Have you found the power of your breath? If so, what techniques do you use?

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To you all, breathing in calms your body, breathing out allows you to smile. Letting you dwell in the present moment, where you know that where you are is a most wonderful moment.


Lisa-Raie 💋

“Wandering Towards Wellness, Globally”

Celebrating 29 Years Of Marriage ❤️

We know the look in each other’s eyes. We know what it feels like to give everything and never feel like it’s enough. We know what it feels like to wake up and wonder how you’ll ever make it through another day, because today we celebrate 29 years of marriage.

Celebrating a milestone like our 29th wedding anniversary requires a huge shoutout, it requires a massive pat yourself on the back moment for not giving up type of party and celebration – but we don’t have that time. I am healing yet again from some seriously debilitating chronic illnesses and my husband is working the most crazy hours to care for myself and our youngest son who has autism and other intellectual disabilities. So, I feel this certainly is the perfect time for me to take a stroll back along our journey, to see how we got to where we are today establishing what contributed to our marriage success and longevity. I look at the modern world and marriages like ours that are long lasting and they are incredibly and statistically ending in big numbers.Separation and divorce rates are extremely high, but I believe in today’s world there are so many different relationship factors that constitute couples togetherness. I totally believe that anyone who has been married this long knows without a doubt how difficult and enriching it can be!

So let me begin, with how my husband Paul and I met. It was the mid 1980s and as most 18 & 19 year olds, we often were at the popular nightclubs. The Chevron on St Kilda Road, Melbourne was our first meeting across a busy dance floor. Phone numbers were exchanged, but it wasn’t for a number of months till we reacquainted. I had found his phone number, while clearing out some clutter probably in my handbag I would suggest….but that was a long time ago. We spoke, we organised a time to again meet and after dating for a year we announced our engagement in 1986 and wedding the year after on Monday November 2, 1987, because ultimately we were sure we were each other’s perfect match.
Now I am pondering what a successful marriage should look like – what do the accomplishments look like. I cannot answer you that in general terms, but I do know that I am incredibly proud of us and so fortunate to have found the man of my dreams who has given me the most precious breath that is simply called life. I don’t want you to think for one second that our life together has not been filled with issues and challenges – HELL, we have faced it all; cancer, chronic illness as mentioned earlier, failed business’s, financial hardship, many personal difficulties, parenting…the list is long and endless. These issues and challenges are not necessarily only  to our family; they are just part of life and many couples face similar circumstances everyday but what makes our marriage last, is that we are committed to each other through our vows taken that hot November evening in 1987. Some marriages have not been able to withstand the stress, no matter how much time and effort is put into them, but I believe our efforts have brought us a jubilant and most powerful success to bring us NOW to the 29 year mark.

I now want to stop and pay special mention to some of the special attributes that I feel have contributed to us still being married. These attributes will be our legacy as a loving couple in marriage and life working together as a team, to raise 5 children through ups and downs. But some how making it through with compassion and strength will be our most greatest achievement.

I think in our marriage we have both lived on hope, courage and faith to keep our marriage alive at times! Many times we have needed to dig so very deep to find our answers, but here are five ways that have helped our marriage:

  1. Unselfishness – It is an amazing feeling when you are married to a most wonderful man that puts your needs before his. This, has been consistently across our whole marriage when he has always helped at home with the raising of our children and then across my long battle with chronic illnesses and disease. I believe it is the ultimate compliment and validation of our partnership.
  2. Connect With Each Others Interests – My husband Paul LOVES cricket. I have become a knowledgeable cricket learning so much more about the sport that he is so crazy about. He indulges my passion for vegan food and mindful and spiritual adventures.
  3. Patience – Our journey of life has been oh so full of ups and downs that I know every family will encounter at some time. However we have had to deal with an abundance of family illnesses, financial issues and the like for many years. I give so much gratitude to my husband for approaching each issue and challenge that we have had to face with such patience. He has calmed my many moments of irrational behavior through powerful conversations that were so more fruitful resulting in our successful partnership. It’s only recently that I’ve learnt to be patient, that I owe to my husband.
  4. Best Friend – Our marriage is a 30+year friendship. Ive heard how many couples describe their partners as their “best friend” but it is so true! I would rather spend time with him than any other person in this whole entire world. If I discovered something new or perhaps traveled to a new place, it would never be the same without Paul right beside me.
  5. Taking Chances Together  – Across our journey together, we have taken a wide variety of different paths and chances, trying something that no one else was doing – sometimes it worked, other times not! No one grows with out challenging them self. We have both put ourselves out there, been vulnerable, shared feelings and experiences. Nothing moves forward, if we aren’t taking chances to improve our thoughts, feelings and actions for ourselves and each other.

In today’s world there is so much negativity and seriously I find it very frustrating. In stopping, looking back and sharing our love story, I hope that I can heighten other marriages and relationships to bloom with much more optimism. When all is said and done, what else really matters but that of your family? We all need to have hope, courage and faith for the future and marriage is not easy, but it is worth it.

 A happy and long lasting marriage doesn’t happen overnight AND that’s why it’s long lasting. It succeeds by concentrating on all of the special attributes that I’ve mentioned and by using deep intention for love and mateship of husband and wife.

Here’s cheers to our TWENTY NINE years of good, bad, sickness, health and life in marriage my husband Paul – I love you so very much. 


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