Negative Energy And Its Destructive Nature. 

So here I am again, awake early into another morning, journaling after reading an array of my favourite blogs. One particular blog, grabbed my attention and that was the one by one of my special soul sista connections Marissa Lewis – Transfomation Coach. It took my attention because I had actually connected with her on a Facebook LIVE, just after this particular experience. Her experience was of taking on a external energy and it brought home to me, what had happened only hours to myself. I welcome you to read her blog by going to after reading my experience as well.

Saturday evening, my youngest son had planned to go out with a group of acquaintances. Nothing wrong with that on a Saturday night for, a group of young lads – however this is where it becomes a tricky situation. My son is autistic and socially sensitive and the young men he was going out with, may I say are bad influences. So anyway, he took off, all dressed up. I was initially holding myself together but as the night went on – I felt a urge to connect with my son! By this time, I could notice his voice and behaviours through the other end of the phone were changing. He was obviously becoming intoxicated but he was telling me “mum, don’t worry I am safe”. The phone call, ended abruptly but I chose to find things to do that would stop me from worrying. I began to read and write but I was unable to continue as my energy level had changed, I was worrying intensely and it was causing me such an amount of anxiety. I contacted him briefly again when his phone dropped out with some quite abusive language, as a result, I was became self destructive in mind, body and soul.

 After reading and listening to Marissa, I can now, observe how easily my own energy had been transformed from calm and at peace to being overwhelmed and inundated by negative energy caused by knowing that my son was so heavily intoxicated. My mind was in overdrive, I was thinking destructive thoughts; ‘was my son going to be hurt’ , ‘ why didn’t he stop drinking earlier, as we had spoken about’, ‘where was he and would he be safe getting home’ and a squillion other thoughts as you may be able to imagine. I was rattled, I was unable to breathe normally, I was sweating, crying and irrational- all things that I practice daily through ritual not to be! 

This cycle of being caught up in other people’s stuff, in a instant I realised I still have difficulty with, particularly when it is family members. I can see dwelling on the situation on Saturday night regarding my sons safety is what allows negativity to affect me badly still. No one else caused my energy to become negative. It was me doing it to myself . I’m the one who took on his situation and absorbed it into my own psyche. I’ve been thinking about the way my very being changed in a instant so very quickly. My changing energy was made through my choices . I was unable to remain mindfully calm with positive self talk instead, i was attracting negative energy through the choices of the situation that was playing out not even near me. It was dragging me down and lowering my personal vibration. These feelings that  surrounded me, were of negative energy?

This state of events, has been such a fierce wake up call!!!! Asking myself this question about negative energy, and how to avoid it in the future is quite liberating. But I think my main objective will be to set an intention for the highest good of myself and those that I surround myself with across the many situations and circumstances on any given day. It  doesn’t mean I will ever feel negative, or notice other people’s negativity, but I definitely will be focusing more on controlling my emotions and mindfulness so I don’t become a sponge from the negative forces within the world.

Perhaps this sounds like you? How have you dealt with understanding how you react to situations of feeling negative energy coming across from other people?
If this has resonated, please connect and tell me your story either here or through my social media channels;

……and how did my son end up, well apart from feeling sick and sorry for himself with a horrible hangover-HE WAS SAFE!

Much love 


(AKA The barefooted FND goddess) 💋

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