Asking For Help……

Asking for help, is the hardest thing when you are chronically ill……WHY???

Simply, because when we ask for help, it’s acknowledging that we can’t do things for ourselves anymore. Admitting that I required assistance for particular housekeeping chores was such a big thing for me – but I accepted it but I held back from accepting the personal care help, because by accepting that help was me becoming worthless. By knowing that I can not safely go into the bathroom and shower myself is heart wrenching. I’ve had to really search deep within myself to allow personal care to be ok and do you know, I think I am now comfortable with it because I know my safety is paramount with me being able to being able to still live and love the life that I am in.

So what is this home & personal care that I talk of?

Home & Personal care is provided by home care workers who visit people that are somehow incapacitated by illness or disability in their own homes and help them to live as independently as possible.
It’s about maintaining a person’s quality of life in their home – keeping them safe and comfortable, attending to their physical needs and supporting them with their daily activities of living. It’s also important for their social and emotional needs so that they can still enjoy life. As I mentioned earlier, these services help those ill or disabled or it might be for people getting older, who are chronically ill, or perhaps recovering from surgery or disability.

There are many reasons and times in life when someone might need help with daily activities, perhaps a family carer needs to get out of the house and a care worker can come in an provide a few hours of respite care, an adult child may have relocated house to another city or town and can’t help their elderly parent with tasks around the house anymore, a degenerative illness or disease may affect a persons ability to complete activities of daily living like meal preparation and daily grooming.

When the care worker comes to the home, they may need to help with the cleaning of certain areas of the home, making beds, mopping and/or vacuuming of floors. Personal care workers maybe called on to give assistance with showering, bathing, toileting, getting dressed, shaving, helping the particular person in moving around, or perhaps getting in or/and out of the bed and of perhaps medication reminders.

After having my home care workers now for a number of months I am so very grateful and I now look forward to my personal care workers coming to help me wash my hair and generally freshen up. 

Life is about now and I can’t push things away just because it may be icky or intrusive – if these workers can help us still live it’s worth taking a chance and that’s what life is all about. 

Carers help life continue for the chronic illness goddess/warrior and I for one stand in honouring them for all the work they do for us the chronically ill and disabled.


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