Mental Health & Illness When Will We All Walk Together……

So today, I became a little down and not just because I’m coming down with a cold…’s because just when I thought the world is becoming more aware of #mentalhealth and #mentalillness we fall backwards down the stairs. This happened only last weekend by GWS AFL footballer Shane Mumford with his abuse slammed at swans star Lance “Buddy” Franklin. I believe this footballer has crossed the line of extreme behaviour. Living with a mental illness is extremely difficult and one that takes a lot of strength and energy to recover from. When we have ignorant and uneducated people slamming you with abuse, it does nothing to help those that have recovered or living with their particular mental health challenges. When will we finally have community awareness that builds educational togetherness and strength for mental health.

Do you agree with me, I would love to know your thoughts?


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