Life’s little bus ride feeling every bump!


You know those days – It’s called life!

Life is a journey-on a bus that hits some fucking big bumps and we all ride it . It hurts at times and it’s those biggest bumps that bring on suffering. In those moments of suffering, we can feel like an outcast, as if on the wrong bus – like there is another bus driving along a different road. This other bus, is filled with a tribe of passengers who are all healthy, happy, well dressed and well liked. They are positive people who shout out with harmonious energy,they never let anything bore or aggravate them and they certainly never jump on and ride the bumpy route of the journey of life. But alas, we all long to be on that bus – that’s the bus which is our vision, our passion, our dreams – what we sit on is, the bus of ‘impairment’ because we become stuck. This is the illusion that so many of us struggle with and is what sits us all alone in our weirdness, uncertainty and full of anxious fear, feeling like that lost person on the highway of life. Of course we don’t always feel like this. Sometimes is just a hiccup that washes over us BUT sometimes it feels like a full tidal wave-we sit, we slide, we fall and then suddenly we’re back connected to our tribe – suddenly we belong again!

These are the thoughts and feelings that happen to ME and I know they happen to YOU. It’s part of living lives online and in the modern world where we are connected more than ever, able to share it all, yet we are so very alone!

If you are feeling like you are standing at the wrong bus stop, or on that wrong bus – Stop, Remember who you really are & What your true purpose and message is – then take a moment to breathe and reflect before beginning to walk or ride that bus of life again!

If this resonates at any stage please let me know, either by liking , sharing or commenting.

Much love 💋

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